Thursday, August 18, 2011

What to expect

I've long said that I wouldn't get a blog unless I knew I could keep it updated. Well... I now have a blog, so here's to keeping it updated.

The main reason for this is to expand on my thoughts on Twitter, a place where I feel deck.lys and extra-long tweets are useless because often times people never click them. Another reason for this jjones9plus blog is to make sure I have a house for topics I want to write about and not make efforts to get them printed by one of the publications I currently write for.

So what you'll see on here is:

  • ACC-related posts, but mainly UNC, of course
  • Media commentary and recommendations
  • Observations on sports topics that interest me
  • Links and small write-ups to any stories that I do
  • A very small sampling of TV reviews (I can go ahead and tell you a post on The Wire vs. The Shield is forthcoming.)
I now have a blog. It's a brave new world for me, even if I'm getting to land about 15 years late and 10 years removed from calling this a web blog.

I beg you. Enjoy.


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