Friday, September 16, 2011

Parting is such sweet sorrow

This week the Triangle has said goodbye to three of its favorite UNC news sources. I wish to bid them adieu.

The Fayetteville Observer will dearly miss Dan Wiederer, who is moving on to cover the Minnesota Vikings. Dan was simply one of the best ACC writers in the area and deserved any praise he got and then some. I'm honored to have covered his final UNC game with him.

Briana Gorman did her thang with the Durham Herald-Sun for a good bit and is picking up to move to Australia. (She's been taking victory laps and left the gig a while ago.) A former DTHer, she was great to have in the Triangle for both revenue and non-rev sports and I hate to see her go.

@TarHeelWire shockingly left Twitter on Wednesday, leaving a void in so many Twitter hearts. For two years he was the best at sharing UNC-related info and adding smart commentary and insight. He ruffled some feathers sometimes, but it was usually for the greater good. Also, I will miss the weather reports.

Good luck to all three of you; I hope to see you down the road. Well, except you @TarHeelWire, because I still have no idea who you are.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Larry Drew's mom to Basketball Wives?

Admit it: You've seen at least one episode of Basketball Wives.

You know, it's that really awful show on VH1 that follows around a cliquey group of women who are married, divorced, dating or whathaveyou former and current NBA players. Don't think it's awful? I refer you to an expert on the matter -- an ESPN NBA analyst, nonetheless.

Aug 28 RT @jalenrose Basketball Wives has set back minorities and the athletic climate 40 years! #mockery

Well guess who may be the newest member of the clique? The wife of the Atlanta Hawks head coach, Sharon Curry-Drew, who otherwise may be known to most readers of this blog as the mother of Larry Drew II.
Credit: Daily Tar Heel

Here are some tweets from August 29 between Larry Drew II and Shaunie O'Neal (ex-wife of Shaq), which them turned into a quick conversation between Sharon and Shaunie.

RT @shaunieoneal Lots of ppl asking lol. Yes I'm exec prod of the BBW brand however I've got a lot going on right now so am not hands on w/ the LA series.
(Editor's note: The Miami series is the more famous/controversial/trashy series. Apparently the LA series is not nearly any of that...yet.)

RT @LarryAngeles Scuse me, @ShaunieOneal. My names Larry, Im cool w @marlonyatesjr. Anyway I'd like 2 sign up my mom @DrewCrew3 for bbw la season 2 please :)

RT @shaunieoneal @LarryAngeles not scuse me LOL...Hey Larry I know ur Mom, we met a couple times. Anywho, r u signing her up without her knowing? lol

RT @shaunieoneal @LarryAngeles @DrewCrew3 ok just realized she does know cuz u at'd her. Hey!!!! Girl, u might need 2 come to BBWMiami instead lol

RT @DrewCrew3 Hey Girl! I thought you'd never ask! LOL

RT @shaunieoneal @DrewCrew3 girl, u see it needs some help lol. I'm gonna have 2 do/say something abt this. Let's talk soon... Dm me ur info.

RT @DrewCrew3 Ok Girl, let's chat! Check your dm ;)

RT @LarryAngeles my job here is done.

As for some background on Sharon Curry-Drew, after UNC's loss to Kentucky in the Elite 8, she tweeted out Boyz II Men "End of the Road" lyrics as well as lyrics to Ice Cube's "It Was a Good Day." For more, check out Greg Barnes' story here.