Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Larry Drew's mom to Basketball Wives?

Admit it: You've seen at least one episode of Basketball Wives.

You know, it's that really awful show on VH1 that follows around a cliquey group of women who are married, divorced, dating or whathaveyou former and current NBA players. Don't think it's awful? I refer you to an expert on the matter -- an ESPN NBA analyst, nonetheless.

Aug 28 RT @jalenrose Basketball Wives has set back minorities and the athletic climate 40 years! #mockery

Well guess who may be the newest member of the clique? The wife of the Atlanta Hawks head coach, Sharon Curry-Drew, who otherwise may be known to most readers of this blog as the mother of Larry Drew II.
Credit: Daily Tar Heel

Here are some tweets from August 29 between Larry Drew II and Shaunie O'Neal (ex-wife of Shaq), which them turned into a quick conversation between Sharon and Shaunie.

RT @shaunieoneal Lots of ppl asking lol. Yes I'm exec prod of the BBW brand however I've got a lot going on right now so am not hands on w/ the LA series.
(Editor's note: The Miami series is the more famous/controversial/trashy series. Apparently the LA series is not nearly any of that...yet.)

RT @LarryAngeles Scuse me, @ShaunieOneal. My names Larry, Im cool w @marlonyatesjr. Anyway I'd like 2 sign up my mom @DrewCrew3 for bbw la season 2 please :)

RT @shaunieoneal @LarryAngeles not scuse me LOL...Hey Larry I know ur Mom, we met a couple times. Anywho, r u signing her up without her knowing? lol

RT @shaunieoneal @LarryAngeles @DrewCrew3 ok just realized she does know cuz u at'd her. Hey!!!! Girl, u might need 2 come to BBWMiami instead lol

RT @DrewCrew3 Hey Girl! I thought you'd never ask! LOL

RT @shaunieoneal @DrewCrew3 girl, u see it needs some help lol. I'm gonna have 2 do/say something abt this. Let's talk soon... Dm me ur info.

RT @DrewCrew3 Ok Girl, let's chat! Check your dm ;)

RT @LarryAngeles my job here is done.

As for some background on Sharon Curry-Drew, after UNC's loss to Kentucky in the Elite 8, she tweeted out Boyz II Men "End of the Road" lyrics as well as lyrics to Ice Cube's "It Was a Good Day." For more, check out Greg Barnes' story here.

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